12th November 2018

Pick-up Point

We are always looking for new Pick-up Points, so what do we need from a pick-up point?


We need to be able to drop off several boxes of food so wee need a space that is clean and tidy, free from pests and accessible.


People will be coming to pick-up their order so it needs to be somewhere that is easily accessible.


The pick-up point will have to be “open” at a regular time on a Friday afternoon and/or Saturday.

Regular Commitment:

We need to be able to rely on the pick-up so you may need to think about whether we can use it when you are not there.


We can provide cool boxes for storage of chilled items but if it is possible to use a fridge all the better!


If you would like to make a new pick-up point in your area just get in contact with us.